Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

 Best Places to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

Installing security cameras in your home is an effective option for keeping your house and family safe and secure. However, merely having them fitted is only half the battle won, and may not be very helpful on its own. With a wide variety of cameras available today, you need to pick those that meet your requirements.

Your job end there, either. Apart from picking the right cameras, you will also have to make sure that you install them effectively. By this, I mean you should have them fixed in all the places in your home that may make for easy unauthorized entry.

Security cameras need to be installed at strategic locations if you want the best results out of them. A few such locations are mentioned ahead.

The Entrances

Since the front and the back door make for the most obvious entry points, you may think most thieves today would shy away from accessing them. You’d be surprised to know, however, these continue to be the preferred points of forcible entry into homes. Whether it is locked or not, about 34% burglars use the front door to get inside a home, while 22% may use the back door.

It is extremely important to have a security camera installed outside your home, which is directed towards your front door, with a clear, unhindered view of your doorway. You can fix a camera on your roof space for this.

As far as possible, place it as high above the front door as you can to ensure that no one can reach and/or tamper with it. Additionally, you can also cover the camera in thin wire mesh so that burglars and mischief-mongers cannot damage it.

If you live in a two-storied home, you can have the camera fixed on the second level in a way that it looks at your front door.

Most robberies do not take place spontaneously. Experienced burglars study the lifestyles of their targets and plan accordingly. They will spend some time lurking in and around your neighborhood to figure out your working hours to be able to carry out their crime smoothly. Typically, this is between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm, i.e. in broad daylight.

The back door is also one of the preferred points of entry for the burglars. It is, therefore, imperative to have installed here a security camera with a clear and an uninterrupted view of your back door. You will have to exercise the same measures as you did with the front door camera to make sure no one is able to fiddle with it.

You need to be especially careful with the backdoor if the area is inadequately lit, or has a lot of foliage around it as these factors will only make it an easy target for thieves. Apart from installing security cameras, you may also want to consider trimming the shrubberies, and keeping the area well-lit with regular or motion-detecting lighting.

The Garage

One of the easiest ways of gaining entry into a property is through the garage door. A lot of people tend to keep their high-priced sporting equipment in their garage, making it vulnerable to theft.

Make sure you never forget to lock your garage after parking your car, and further ensure you use a high-quality locking system as thieves are adept at using door unlocking equipment and gaining unlawful entry.

If you park your car in your driveway, make sure you lock that too. Garage door openers installed in cars are the perfect weapons for thieves looking to unlock garages. Further, keep its doors locked even when you’re home.

You will do well to install a security camera near or on your garage door. You might want to see to it that you install it in a way that keeps it out of the reach of the troublemakers.

Rear Windows

fitted camera at rear window

Thieves would love nothing more than gaining a convenient entry into your home via open or unlocked windows on the ground level.

Your rear window is probably the one that goes unsupervised, making entering through it go undetected. A robber can use it to enter your place, collect his booty, and make his way out as easily as he came in.

It makes perfect sense to have cameras installed, such that they face the rear window and other vulnerable windows which may be obscurely visible. Make sure you not only keep them shut, but also locked, especially when you leave your home and before going to bed at night.

You don’t want to run the risk of leaving the windows open or unlocked when you step out of your house for “just a minute” to attend to a quick chore, and become a victim of theft.

The Driveway

Installing a security camera at the end of your driveway will ensure that you keep tabs on all your visitors. Anyone who uses your driveway to approach your home will be caught on camera. You can also keep an account of unexpected guests and deliveries to your home.

Furthermore, it is great for keeping a watchful eye on your car, if you tend to park it in your driveway.

The Backyard

You may have covered your driveway but that might not be enough. It is recommended that you alsoinstall a security camera in or near your backyard for a clear view of it. Your backyard may be an attractive entry point for a burglar looking to enter your home, especially in the dark.

It is a good idea to have a camera with night-vision feature for maximum results. Apart from that, make sure that your backyard is well-lit at night, especially if you have expensive patio/garden furniture or store gardening tools and equipment there. All these things can be instrumental in luring thieves into your backyard, so make sure you keep them in lock and key.

Basement Stairs

How easy would it be for an intruder to waltz into your home through your unlocked basement! In many homes, basements have access doors and/or windows that are large enough for thieves to enter. To deter such entrances, place a camera on the stairs that lead up to your home from the basement.

Since this is a highly critical area as far as security lapses are concerned, you could fortify it even further by installing a motion-detecting alarm that can go off if and when an intruder tries to make his way into your home from here.

The Nursery

This should be done in homes that house young families. Installing a camera inside your baby’s room will not only help you ensure that he/she is safe, but also allow you to monitor any activity and movement in the room.

This is great from the safety point of view, as well as for having him/her under your watchful eye without always being physically present in the nursery.

Other Areas

vulnerable points for burglar

Apart from the above areas, there may be other vulnerable points in your home, depending on the kind of house you live in. Guest house, pool house, green house, animal shed, barn, horse stable, etc. are examples of such areas.

People generally store their expensive equipment in these places, so they need to be careful. Install cameras on ceilings and roof spaces in such areas to secure them.


Keeping our home and family safe and secure should always be our top priority. A lot of people are proactive about it, while some only hope for the best. It is advisable to be in the former category though as you never know when trouble comes knocking on your door. You want to be fully prepared to deal with it, rather than regret not having taken enough precautionary measures. Installing security cameras in strategic locations should go a long way in easing your worries on this front.

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