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As a business owner, the safety of your assets, premises and staff is essential..

What is the security of your business worth to you?

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SecureMax security solutions can greatly reduce the likelihood of theft, vandalism and fraud, saving you precious time, energy and increasing the profitability of your business.

With the use of video surveillance, SecureMax can help you detect crime, deter criminal activity and enhance the safety of your employees.

SecureMAX Business Solutions Will Protect Your Livelihood.

CCTVThe introduction of Digital CCTV means no more hours of searching through tapes trying to find an incident, recording and reviewing CCTV footage is quicker and easier than ever!

Eversafe Provides Business Security

Offsite Monitoring & Access ControlMeans you can have eyes on your business at all time, whenever you need them. Plus, you have the flexibility to control who has authorised access to your property, and who doesn’t, giving you increased control and peace of mind when you’re on the move.

Video Surveillance: Will also help you to address your OH&S legislation requirements, which means you can provide a secure and safe working environment for your employees and visitors.  CCTV Video Surveillance is an excellent tool for protecting your staff against workplace bullying incidents, helping to create a positive and productive workplace.  Our security solutions can also be an essential source of information when investigating OH&S claims to protect you against fraudulent compensation claims.

Have you heard? Business Security Is Now A Tax Exemption!

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