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Monitor on-site activity with alarm systems, and keep your premises protected day and night!

Imagine being able to control the access to your premises from anywhere, anytime

Commercial Security Systems

commercial security systems

Commercial security systems help business owners and managers monitor onsite activity, via swipe cards, key pad access and real time CCTV footage.

SecureMAX’s access control systems incorporate the latest technology to take your management options to a whole new level. Using modern access control technology, our alarms and security systems allow you to monitor and manage your system from virtually anywhere in the world.

SecureMAX – Opening up a whole new world of possibilities in business alarm systems

commercial security system One major advantage that SecureMAX alarm systems offer businesses is the ability to use smart phone technology to manage their security from wherever they are, any time.

Imagine the flexibility this could bring you with regard to your commercial alarms; simply log in to your security system via your smart phone and control an individual’s access to any entrance point on your premises, all at the touch of a button.

SecureMAX provides a wide range of Business Alarm Systems to suit our clients’ specific needs. To explore the full range of commercial alarms and systems available to you, browse the product reviews below.

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