Server Room Cabling Hell: 13 of the Worst Server Wiring Jobs Ever!

It’s pretty sweet when you don’t have to worry about your servers. But while SecureMax is monitoring your servers  remotely for everything from speed to temperature, some poor system admins or IT techs are being dropped into a tangled nightmare. Here are 13 of the worst server wiring jobs ever, or in other words, welcome to Server Room Cable Hell.

Some installers underbid and come away with the job, but they simply did not care what kind of mess they were leaving for someone else to take care of in the future.

Rack Mount Server Room Cabling Mess

Sometimes it’s a matter of a big rush to get connected, then a humongous headache to go back and properly wire.

Server Room Cabling Mess

Jobs are scarce these days, but you might want to take a peak in the server room or data center before you accept the IT position.

Server Room Racks Worst Wiring Job

The worst cable mess ever?

Server Room Wiring Mess - Rat's Nest

You may find a rat’s nest of cables in the basement, a bird’s nest of wires under the stairs, cables vomiting out of a rack and onto the floor.

Server Room Wiring Rats Nest

Sometimes nothing is color-coded or labeled, inducing dread when the day comes that the guts of the system have to be rewired.

Do Not Touch - Worst Server Room Cabling

Looks like a tarantula nest – a mass webbing of evil black spiderwebs. This should be the next Marvel Comics bad-guy lair (assuming he’s a nerdy techno geek).

Awful Server Room Wiring

At first, we though this server had been slimed. But, no, just another day in Server Wiring Cable Hell.

Server Room Cabling Neon Green Mess

Well, the neon green cabling was a nice idea… but probably would have been more effective with a few other colors thrown in as well.

Horrible Server Room Cabling

Looks like something out of a 1980’s horror film.

Server Room Cabling Horror

Can somebody please tell me why the server goes down  every time somebody flushes? Oh, wait. Here’s why…

Server Room Cabling Toilet

It’s hopeless. They have me surrounded. Beam me up.

Server Room Wiring Cheese

So how do you know when you’ve arrived in Server Cable Hell? You’ll know. You’ll know…

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