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Secure Max Aerials can supply, install and realign your Satellite Dishes and relocate them to new positions for example on the wall, the roof and even the Chimney. For people in Conservation Areas we will try to hide the dish from view as much as possible, within range of satellite signals. We can run new Satellite Cables around your home or business premises.

We can also install Magic Eyes which enables you to access Sky from a room other than where the SKY Box is situated.

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FREEVIEW is provided free of any monthly subscription or contract and currently provides up to 50 Digital Channels and 24 Radio Stations with a selection of Channels which can be viewed in High Definition.

To receive the FREEVIEW Channels you will need a TV Aerial.

SecureMAX Aerials are qualified specialists in installing new Digital TV Aerials giving you the ability to view these Channels. All new TV Sets have “built-in” FREEVIEW.


FREESAT is provided free of any monthly subscription or contract and provides a selection of Channels to be viewed in High Definition. This service has in excess of 150 Digital TV and Radio Channels with more being added all the time.

To receive FREESAT Channels you will need a Satellite Dish.

Choose between FREESAT SD, FREESAT HD and FREESAT HD Recordable Satellite Systems for a “one off” payment.

SecureMAX Aerials are specialists in installing a Mini Satellite Dish, Quad LNB, cabling and setting up the De-Coder Box.

FREESAT is a good option if you are in a poor FREEVIEW Signal area.

♣ Got a problem with your reception?

We can offer the following services:
• Aerial repair, installation or realignment
• GMI installs new aerials and can upgrade old ones
• Advise on your digital TV set up and channels available
• We install and supply SKY and all digital TV set top boxes
• Radio aerials and cable runs
• Satellite dish installation and realignment
• We cover London, Essex & Kent and the surrounding towns and villages

Wall Mounting Installations

We do not advise customers to install LCD, LED or Plasma TV’s themselves as the risks can seriously affect viewing pleasure. At GMI Aerials we will install your TV Set using the correct wall mounted fixings/bracketry including hanging flat, swivel and tilting brackets together with all cable routings. We will make sure your TV System (including your Satellite) DVD, VHS and surround sound are fully configured to operate at the optimum level.

It is very important to plan your viewing area prior to installation. Our engineers are on hand to advise on how and even where to position your TV Set for the correct viewing distances and angles which can be crucial to get the best possible picture.

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