Shared Sky Dish

The Shared Dish system is a simple, neat and cost effective way to connect all your residents to great entertainment. It’s perfect for adding value to your existing properties. We run cables from the single satellite dish into each flat. Because they run directly into your residents’ digital boxes, you can say goodbye to buildings covered in mini dishes.

Sky and free to air

All your residents will be able to opt for Sky and Sky+HD. And those who don’t, will have access to all free-to-air channels.

  • One dish supplies an entire block – we’ll even remove existing dishes for you.
  • Generous subsidies are available – ask how much you could get.
  • We’ll get in touch with your residents to let them know what’s happening


You’ll find the answers to some of the questions you might have about our Communal TV Solutions here. But if you have a question that isn’t covered, or you’d just like a bit more info about something, give our dedicated team a call on 0208 552 2022. They’ll be happy to help.

General FAQ

How much does SCS cost to install?

That depends on your existing solution, cabling, size of block and so on. A free, no-obligation survey would determine this. Call the dedicated team on 020855 22022 to get one arranged.

What other costs are there?

There will also be additional costs if you need a bespoke solution for your blocks.

What does the Shared Dish solution look like?

There is a choice of cable colours for the outside of your block – black, brown and white. The survey will suggest the route and colour of the cable runs. Where possible we’ll ensure that all cables are discreetly located – e.g. by hiding them behind drainpipes and grouping them together. The dish is just 78cm in diameter and can be located discreetly alongside its own cabinet.

Who pays if we want a bespoke Communal TV Solution?

Any costs for bespoke requirements would be paid for by the Managing Agent or Social Landlord and, depending on the lease, may come out of the service charge. However, in most cases a Shared Dish is the best option for Sky TV in flats, and the only cost incurred is for the earth safety requirements.

What does a Communal Solution based on IRS look like?

It typically comprises a satellite dish of about 78cm across and two aerials on the roof (one for TV and one for radio), and an indoor cabinet for switches and cabling.

How much does an IRS cost to install?

That depends whether you are upgrading or having a new system, whether you have existing cable ducts, and whether you want the cabling to be inside. Having a survey done will determine the price.

What do I have to do to get a Communal Solution?

Simply call us on 02085 522 022.

Do you offer bespoke solutions?

Yes, all IRS-based solutions are bespoke.

Is there a maximum number of flats for a Communal Solution?

No. An IRS can be designed for any number of flats.

Is there a maximum number of storeys?

No, but we may need to use special access equipment for some blocks. A survey will determine this.

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